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Sustainable calf farming begins with a slatted floor system from Nooyen Cattle Flooring

Hygiene - Welfare - Result

Nooyen Cattle Flooring enables farmers worldwide to achieve the best technical and financial results, by developing innovative solutions for livestock farming with a firm emphasis on hygiene, animal welfare and results.

Cattle Solutions

Nooyen Cattle Solutions includes a comprehensive package of solutions for today’s livestock farmers. As well as floor systems for young calves (Calf Flooring), feeders and veal calves (Cattle Flooring), Nooyen also offers innovative solutions for Dairy Waste Management (Tri-Bar Weep Wall).

“Super Coated slatted floors from Nooyen raise the housing of ruminants to the next level.”

Our Cattle Flooring Solutions are supplied, installed and maintained by our expert dealer network worldwide.

Nooyen Cattle Flooring is active worldwide. We have a dealer network in more than 40 countries. Our centrally based Cattle Flooring specialists are happy to provide more information about our solutions, or advice. They can refer you to your best-fit partner for installation, service and maintenance.