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The best floor systems for livestock farming - for decades

As a family-operated enterprise, Nooyen has been active in the livestock sector for decades. Built in part on our own practical experiences, we have been developing floor systems for livestock farming since 1978. The focus of these systems is continuously improving the results realized by livestock farmers. You can always expect us to offer the most innovative flooring solutions.


From livestock farmer to producer of slatted floors

Nooyen has been successfully active for decades. Six brothers - originally pig framers - produced the first slatted floors for use on their own farm in 1978. Their product soon became a huge success with fellow farmers, resulting in the decision to enter the world of industrial production of slatted floors. Nooyen now numbers various production facilities over the world, where steel, cast iron, Super Coated and high pressure laminate slatted floor systems are produced. Alongside these activities, the original pig farm is still in operation.

…and from wish to end result!

Nooyen looks at its products through the practical eyes of a farmer. This enables us to produce slatted floors that fully meet your wishes and requirements as a livestock producer. Depending on your specific situation and needs, Nooyen offers super coated metal mesh or woven steel wire calf floors, as a self-supporting structure or panel construction.

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Nooyen Cattle Flooring - guaranteed quality

Quality is the priority at Nooyen. Based on years of experience with slatted floor systems, Nooyen is uniquely positioned to continually improve the quality of its product portfolio. This is a vital condition to provide the optimal response to the wishes of farmers and to further consolidate the company’s market position. In addition to quality, Nooyen also values offering a competitive pricing strategy. This is realized by measures including extensive standardization of the product range and dimensions. However, customized solutions remain an important spearhead in our philosophy.

Nooyen Cattle Flooring enables farmers worldwide to achieve the best technical and financial results, by developing innovative solutions for livestock farming with a firm emphasis on hygiene and animal welfare.

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