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Nooyen Orange

Nooyen orange tenderfoot pigflooring 01e 0 kopiëren

Super Coated Tenderfoot flooring system produced by Nooyen

Nooyen and Tenderfoot joined forces in mid-2020. The coated floors from Nooyen and the former Tenderfoot are manufactured in the same production facility. The orange Tenderfoot floors are marketed under the name Nooyen Orange.

Nooyen Super Coated Orange

Excellent fire resistant coating

The Nooyen Super Coated Orange slatted floor (formerly the Tenderfoot Bigfoot) has a 10 mm gauge, is fully welded and has a total height of 20 mm after coating. The system can be supplied as a self-supporting structure or as a panel without supports + constructed of metal mesh metal or woven wire for calves.

Slat types

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