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Calf Flooring - for newborn calves

Calves represent the future of every dairy farm so it is vital they get off to the best start in life. That begins with the perfect floor that provides comfort, hygiene and sufficient grip.

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Super Coated frame for maximum hygiene and comfort

For calf hutches, the high quality Super Coated frame with honeycomb openings of approx. 18 x 36 mm ensures optimal manure drainage. The rounded profile means the slats are virtually self-cleaning, which provides a dry, non-slip surface. No additional litter is required.

The metal mesh is welded to the frame first before the plastisol coating is applied. This prevents exposing the metal to corrosion. The slatted floors ensure maximum hygiene levels, are supremely easy to clean and minimize damage to the joints and udders of the calves.

Super Coated frame for high labor efficiency

The Nooyen Super Coated slatted calf flooring has a 10 mm gauge, is fully welded and has a total height of 20 mm after coating. The slatted floor for newborn calves can be supplied as a self-supporting structure or as a panel without supports. The slatted floor is supremely easy to clean. Cleaning is only done when the calves are moved, which benefits labor efficiency.

The slatted floor also features a bar for ease of installation. These slatted floors have proven their value in modern calf-rearing systems. We have a range of ready to use slatted floors for all types of calf hutch. The flooring can also be supplied to customer specifications.

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