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Cattle Flooring - for veal calves

The Nooyen Super Coated slatted floor for calves - the Nooyen Cattle Floor - is a high quality slat that provides optimal comfort and hygiene. The special coating feels soft and warm, so the Nooyen Super Coated floor enhances animal welfare and leads to significantly better results.

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The Nooyen Cattle Floor has also been extensively trialed on veal farms with excellent results: high manure throughput, maximum hygiene and animal comfort and lower NH3 emissions.

Sustainable & optimal coat hygiene

The Cattle Floor has an 8 mm thick, steel cross woven panel. The floor is custom made to customer specifications and features a special 4-5 mm thick, wear resistant coating: SUPER COATED.

The Cattle Floor is a self-supporting structure. This eliminates the need for support bars (which manure accumulates on). The high manure throughput of nearly 50% keeps the calves cleaner so that farmers will always have a high score for coat hygiene. The special coating ensures easy, thorough cleaning is possible with low water consumption.

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Reduction in antibiotic use

The good manure drainage and coating also ensure a very low presence of pathogens on the slat. Salmonella bacteria and oocytes (the ‘eggs’ of coccidiosis) can survive on wooden slats. No pathogens can attach to Super Coated slatted flooring. 

This reduces the disease pressure and results in lower antibiotic use. As bacteria are unable to survive on a cleaned Super Coated slatted floor, the system also helps to mitigate antibiotic resistance.

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Lower NH3 emissions

About 30% of the total ammonia emissions attributable to calves are from the slatted floor. 70% of emissions originate in the manure pit under the floor. When the Cattle Floor is used, emissions from the floor are reduced by approximately 50%. This equates to a 20% reduction in the total emissions!

Preference trial on working farm

A preference trial on a working farm revealed that young calves clearly prefer the Cattle Floor to a conventional, wooden slatted floor. During the trial, the calves were free to choose where to lie down. When the positions of the wooden slats and the Cattle Floor were changed, the calves again showed a clear preference for the Cattle Floor.

Research performed by students at HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch (NL), showed that calves on the Cattle Floor performed more self-care than calves housed on a conventional wooden floor or a welfare slatted system with a rubber top coat. This means that calves feel comfortable enough on a Cattle Floor to exhibit their natural behavior.